Multitec Lman


Multitec-Leman has been founded in 2007 with the aim to offer a network of competences to its partners, and will support them on the conception, the development, the construction, the establishment and the maintenance of technical equipment.

Multitec-Leman acts as a consultant in different areas, but mainly the supply of equipment, industrial production, infrastructure and project management.


Multitec-Leman is a company managed by experienced engineers in electricity supply. IMT possesses all the official authorization to install electricity schemes.


Multitec-Leman provides customized and all-inclusive solutions to better fit customers' needs.

Multitec-Leman and its affiliated partners have the technical knowledge in order to solve its clients' specific needs. The proposition value of Multitec-Leman is the large range of services provided to its clients: advisory, project monitoring, administration, and support during the decision making process.

Distribution /Sales

Multitec-Leman has the knowledge and an extended network, which will help its customers to optimize their costs and the projects deadlines (purchase, planning, logistics, monitoring).

Multitec-Leman will find the appropriate supplier of electricity equipment for your projects, or manage the purchase on its clients' behalf if desired.


Multitec-Leman proposes consulting services with a staff approved and experimented in the project management

Energy efficiency

Controlling and optimizing the electricity consumption requires a setup of efficient tools (analysis and monitoring)

Multitec-Leman will supply the knowledge, the metrics and the action plan in order to optimize the costs related to the setup of a new facility.